Surreal images form the landscape of the collagiste works from Hope Kroll.

“Kroll’s work tirelessly seeks out the honey of wisdom through the masterful arrangement of images from old encyclopedias, medical texts, children’s books, popular science, technical manuals, paper dolls and antique photographs.hope krollHer use of a 3-D technique gives her paper constructions a surprising presence. A fusion of poetic Surrealism and scientific paraphernalia, many of Kroll’s miniature works have intricately cut out illustrations all the way down to the individual hairs and blood vessels. The shear amount of time and attention Kroll spends in her elaborate cuttings and assemblings is worthy of attention in and of itself. She could well be called a paper surgeon”

The Intricacies of the Heart and its Chambers Cecil Touchon

"Mechanical Curative Measures" hope kroll

"The Message of the Dream"


Current Publications available on-line featuring Hope's work

The Collage Art of Hope Kroll
By Cecil Touchon
Paperback, 100 pages
available from

"Kroll's work explores the nature of the heart
and mind in a way that is playful and yet
insightful calling up tenderness as well as
terror and equal parts of rapture and repulsion."

by Cecil Touchon


"Brain Collaborates with Psyche" hope kroll

Begin by dissecting old books, gleaning from them their pictures of birds and insects, obsolete machinery and outdated surgical procedures. Collagiste Hope Kroll combines these images to create a nightmarish world inspired by the likes of Hieronymus Bosch, Peter Bruegel, Henry Darger,Joseph Cornell and Terry Gilliam all permeated by the ghoulish humor of Edward Gorey and still you will not come close to describing this first internet exhibition from Hope Kroll.

Her work is almost a new genre. Stories with images arebrought to a higher form as they disturb and delight while they invoke fond memories and awaken dark fears.

"Contents of the Blood "hope kroll

"Blood Tree" hope kroll